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Will Kracke

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Our goal is to make learning more enjoyable on both ends of the leash



 Every dog is unique and every owner is too.  And we are all capable of learning new behaviors.  Training and learning should be a positive experience for all involved.  This is why I believe positive reinforcement techniques are so important.  Both dog and owner should feel good about their accomplishments.

I start with an open mind when assessing each dog, owner, living situation and specific issues. Out of this assessment comes an individualized plan geared towards creating a successful outcome for you and your dog.

For learning new behaviors I use a variety of training techniques based on positive reinforcement. These include but are not limited to, clicker training, cognitive behavior, and classical conditioning techniques. 

For decreasing unwanted behaviors I use diversion and distraction techniques followed by positive reinforcement.           

While training and reinforcement of new behaviors is life long, the amount of time we spend together is up to you. Training with me can be short term, long term, single issue specific, or multi faceted.  We work together in a way that suits your lifestyle and your dog’s needs.