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Hi Will,

I've been meaning to call you. Thought of you many times over months passed, each time making a mental note to call you to thank you for all you have done.  It's amazing what a few training sessions have evolved to.  Maddy is 100% obedient.  I know that I will never be able to let my guard down but the magical transformation has allowed me to breathe!  No more gating off every room, Maddy and Jenny are able to roam the house freely but only when I am within earshot.  I do separate them when I leave the house and when they go outside to play.  I cringe every time I think of how close I came to putting Maddy down....and how quickly I made the decision when euthanization goes against everything I believe in.  HUGE LESSON learned.

Thanks again Will, you turned a desperate situation into sheer happiness!!!






Hi Will,
Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend so far!
I just wanted to take a moment and Thank You for coming out a few weeks ago. Mike is growing more confident in his relationship with Cassie. She finally wags her tail while they are walking together !  She even licks his face when he`s putting on the leash which he feels they are finally starting to bond with each other !
So thank you for giving us the guidance to further help Cassie.



Hi Will,

Just a quick note to let you know that Jessie is doing so much better.  The closing off the room and doing a walk away for a few minutes when she bites is really helping.  Things aren't perfect, but they are so much improved!  Afterall, she is still a puppy! :)

Just wanted to let you know...





I think you switched my dogs when you saw them last. These are not the same animals you left 2 weeks ago!!  Murphy is coming out of his shell a lot and I've even heard a few barks from him as well, but appropriately, not like my little Rita.  Rita is actually doing much better with the barking or lack there of and her lunging at trucks is almost completely stopped!! I have discovered she responds much better to a firmer hand than I was using with her previously and now we enjoy our walks much more and I look forward to walking them twice daily.  Oh and twice daily walks have had a great improvement as well and I love clipping the two leashes together.  That is a godsend!

I have been doing training with them each evening.  Mostly on sit and down and on and off the couch/bed etc.  It's going slowly and Murphy is great when in the middle of training but I need to work with him and Rita more when not only in the living room each evening.  It's still going forward and I can definitely see the confidence building in Murphy each day! Thank You.



Hi Will,

Thanks for coming over on Monday.  It really helped us figure out how to teach Sophie some new things.  Last night was so cute.  I had called Brian ahead of time and asked him to put her on leash so that when I come in the door we can practice not jumping.  I came in with a handful of treats and crossed my arms like you did.  She sat down immediately.  You could tell she wanted to jump, but she kept sitting and I’d throw her a treat.  Then I’d move closer and she would sit again.  It was amazing!  She’s so smart!  Thanks again for your help.

 April B.